Krewe du Vieux Doo

January 19, 2013

Doors open 9:00 PM • Music starts 9:30 PM

Old Project Restore Warehouse
2830 Royal St.
(between Press and
St. Ferdinand)

featuring in order of appearance:

Brass Band Jam

Blue Brass Project

Late Night Music by:

A4D (AssFourDaze)Psychedelic Funk Band


A limited number of tickets will be available at the door


Tickets Also
Availalable From:

Louisiana Music Factory 210 Decatur Street

3205 Magazine St.

4429 Bienville Ave

5430 Magazine

Up in Smoke
2101 Magazine St.

Live Art Studio
4207 Dumaine Street

Miss Claudia's
4204 Magazine

Molly's at the Market
1018 Decatur

N.O. Healing Center
Book Store

2nd Fl 3272 ST. Claude

Or your Sub-Krewe Captains

A portion of the proceeds from the 2013 Krewe du Vieux Doo will be used to support :
New Orleans Musicians Clinic

Tax deductible donations can be made online

Krewe du Vieux Mission

The Krewe du Vieux is a non-profit organization dedicated to the historical and traditional concept of a Mardi Gras parade as a venue for individual creative expression and satirical comment. It is unique among all Mardi Gras parades in the city because it alone carries on the old traditions of Carnival celebrations, by using decorated mule-drawn floats with satirical themes, accompanied by costumed revelers dancing in the streets to the sounds of jazzy street musicians. We believe in exposing the world to the true nature of Mardi Gras—and in exposing ourselves to the world.

Goofy Guy

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The Sub-Krewes of Krewe du Vieux and 2012Themes

Rue du Bourbon................ Cumalot
Comatose.......................... Times Prickayune Fails to Deliver
Krewe de Craps................ Entergy Cums in Spurts
C.R.U.D.E.......................... Here Cums the Brides
Drips and Discharges....... Picayune
Inane................................. Superhole XLVAG
K.A.O.S.............................. Black and Blue and Dead all Over
Krewe of Space Age Love. Cumming Attractions
L.E.W.D............................. Keeps Cuming
Mama Roux....................... Comes to the Stuporbowl
Krewe du Mishigas........... Next Year in Uranus
Mondu................................ Birds of a Feather Come Together
sPANk............................... Postpones the Game
Seeds of Decline............... Chokes Mor' Chikin
Mystic Krewe of Spermes. Which Came First - THe Chicken or the Egg?
T.O.K.I.N............................ TOKIN Rolls with Yamama Care
Underwear......................... NFL Penetrates Carnival

Our Sub-Krewe Sites:

Rue du Bourbon

Our motto, for those whose Latin is a bit rusty, says: “Thus I desire, thus I enjoy life to the fullest.”

Our sub-krewe consists of many species of humanity. Felony arrests for driving while sober and “Rehab is for Quitters” programs cause the actual number of participants to vary wildly. The meager cost to join and the five-minute waiting period represent insurmountable hurdles to many who dream of affiliation with us. We prefer members with a propensity for procrastination and who have been comatose in the past. We hope to share with others the mystery and wonder of belonging to a tribe that will demand nothing and expect everything.

COMATOSE ERGO SUM: “I am comatose, therefore I am!”

Krewe de Craps
Krewe de C.R.A.P.S. are a proud part of Krewe du Vieux since 1994. We continue a tradition of satire, fun and craziness on the streets of New Orleans.

C.R.U.D.E. (Committee to Revive Urban Decadent Entertainment)
We are dedicated to insuring that CRUDE behavior, CRUDE displays, and CRUDE humor are forever a part of Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Krewe of C.R.U.D.E. and Krewe du Vieux preserve the historical spirit of Mardi Gras by parading through the French Quarter with mule-drawn floats and featuring the finest traditional New Orleans brass bands.

Drips and Discharges
The Krewe of Drips & Discharges was born in the Emergency Room of Touro Infirmary, about two weeks before parade day in 1993, and was the “brain child” of our founding member and Captain, Dr. Jim Aiken. Many of our founding members work in the healthcare profession – therein lies the reasoning (and the satire) behind our name.



Krewe of Space Age Love (K.S.A.L)

Space Age Love began in the Krewe of Clones and continues today as one of the five founding Krewes of The Krewe du Vieux Carre. Space Age Love started in the early 80’s and has been Loving for approx. 27 years. We marched with the long lost and defunct Krewe of Clones of the CAC until the Clones self destructed.

Space Age Love is known for its fearless attitude that all who exist are fair game for political and social satire. We have a varied and diverse group of members that enjoy partying and playing as a Krewe. Our annual 50 hour “PIG for a MULE” Cochon de Lait and Oyster Party is one of the best of the year. In late March/early April we put on the annual K.S.A.L. Crawfish Boil. Come summer time we participate In The Krewe of Palmyra no more parades in Mid-City and another reason to party protest parade. Tubing and a Canoe trip are also one of our usual Soirees such as The Luau on the Bayou tubing trip. On Mardi Gras day many of us march with Mondo Kayo the Northernmost Banana Republic usually marching with as many as half of the krewe.

Space Age Love membership is limited to 60 members. We generally choose the theme near the middle to the end of October, at that time we will send out work schedules for all that is needed for the float and costumes to allow our members to schedule accordingly. Space Age Love is a krewe that has year round functions and our goal is simple. Enjoy each other as individuals and act together as one for all to experience. Space Age Love has some of the best folks in New Orleans, we are just a bunch of crazies with a passion and love of our city and the desire to express it any way we choose.


Mama Roux
The name Mama Roux was borrowed from a song of the same name from Dr. John’s 1968 Gris Gris album. The name was first used for a marching drum and kazoo group organized by Pat McDonald in the mid 70’s for the CAC’s Krewe of Clones. Due to inherent difficulties in keeping the various members in any sort of formation, they eventually morphed into creating floats.

The present-day Krewe of Mama Roux consists of 50+ fun-loving, creative members who run the gamut of ages, sexes, sexual preferences, races, occupations, financial stability, and sometimes – but not often – politics. In an interesting side note, Mama Roux member Don Marshall was one of the founding fathers not only of the Krewe of Clones, but of the Krewe du Vieux as well.

We’re known in particular as the only krewe that puts together its entire float the day before the parade. We also brew a distinctive delicious concoction known as Kick-a-Poo Joy Juice, which we imbibe at our pre-parade party. As we’re fond of saying, “It goes down real easy, and then so do you.” Which is probably the reason none of us can recall what our themes were each year (and sometimes we can’t remember them the next day). Mama Roux is known for having themes that are pithy political statements on current local events.

Krewe du Mishigas
mishigas: Yiddish for craziness.
The Krewe du Mishigas is a jewish themed marching organization. Although the themes are Jewish, Mishigas welcomes mishuggina members of all faiths and flavors. The Krewe hosts events throughout the year including monthly Shabbat and Schmoozes, a second night Krewe Seder, and X-mas eve Chinese food dinner among other secular events. The Krewe has two co-captains although it operates through consensus of all its members. Keeping in mind that for every three Jews there are four to five opinions this structure more closely resembles chaos and anarchy. But hey, its Mishigas.


Mystic Krewe of Pan

Seeds of Decline
Seeds Website
Each year, civic-minded people in New Orleans make Mardi Gras possible through a series of parades and events paid for and planned by social organizations called “krewes” (pronounced “crews”). Krewes have existed in the City since 1857, when a group of forward-thinking citizens formed the Mystick Krewe of Comus.
Mardi Gras events are traditionally devoted to bringing together friends and family in a joyous celebration prior to the start of Lent, but commercialization and the formation of “superkrewes” have taken some of the historic spirit out of the celebration. Krewe du Vieux is devoted to retaining the old flavor of the season with a satirical twist.
Krewe du Vieux is organized into a number of subkrewes. Each has its own theme and its own float each year, all consistent with the larger theme of the krewe. Seeds of Decline is the largest and oldest of the subkrewes, formed simultaneously with the krewe in 1987 by our still-reigning, faithful Captain Emeritus and Screaming Diva Susan Gibeault.

Mystic Krewe of Spermes

(Totally Orgasmic Krewe of Intergalactic Ne'er-do-wells)

As a founding sub-krewe of Krewe du Vieux, Underwear is a leader in theme and float creativity, satire, obscenity, and general crazed celebration. Instantly recognizable by the long, red union suits that are the basis of Underwear apparel (not to mention the only underwear ever worn by most krewe members), the Krewe of Underwear takes on political follies, social norms and a large amount of alcohol every year in the best parade in New Orleans, the Krewe du Vieux.


Krewe of Comatose: